The Shamans Journey

We hebben heel veel goede herinneringen aan de plaatsen die we in het verleden hebben bezocht voor onze Workshop Retreats! Hieronder een bloemlezing…

Even geduld voor de fotovoorstelling…
We have many happy memories thinking of the places we have visited in the past on our Workshop Retreats! Here is a compilation…

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2017 "Achieving Extreme Balance & Enter the Portals to Whole-Being" in Zeeland, the Netherlands!
2016 was "Help Us Awaken One Of The Most Ancient Mystery Schools" in Zeeland, the Netherlands.
2015 was "LIving a Pacific Life” in Fort Bragg, California.
2014 was "Turn Within to Explore Beyond" in Limburg, the Netherlands.
2013 was "The Key to a Lighthearted Life Path" in Ierland.
2012 was "Taking Care of Yourself" in Tubac, AZ.
2011 was "Partnership With The Spirit World" near Anloo, the Netherlands.
2010 was "Bridging Two Worlds" in Eext, the Netherlands.
2010 was "Creating Positive Movement in Your Life" in the Catskill Mountains in New York.
2010 was a "Magus Empowerment Workshop" in Patagonia, AZ.
2009 was "Restore the Magic" in Friesland, Netherlands.
2008 was "The Power of Potential" in the Tetons, Jackson hole Wyoming.
2007 was "The Power of Peace" in Tubac, Arizona.
2006 was taught in the Orkneys, Scotland.
2005 was taught in Yosemite.
2004 was taught in Cornwall.
2003 was taught in Brittany.
2002 was taught in Wales.
2001 was taught in Ireland.